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Ladies pam

Lagos· In stock
Price ₦1500 (NGN)
Type New

Simple ladies foot wear for all occasion

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Lagos· In stock
Price ₦50000.00 (NGN)
Type New

If you are the kind of person that likes being simple and classy, then this outfit is specially designed for you. The simplicity of this dress makes it one of my personal favourite. Due to the absence of any embellishments on this outfit, you can go big on your accessories; just make sure your choice of accessories will not clash with your skin tone.

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#men #owambe
Quality hand made men native dress. I can make it in different colors and materials

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Lekki Lagos· In stock· New

Blue Native African Wear With Colorful/lace Up Detail

₦10.500.00 (NGN)

This amazing style is designed to stand you out wherever you go. Tailored with a good eye for detail and craftsmanship, this is trendy.
This outfit is made of good fabric which is soft and comfortable.
It is made durable enough for your daily wear,
Stylish and fashionable design to make you more presentable. We am quite sure you will like this.
This apparel is ideal for underwear, and can also be worn to hangouts, movie nights, casual events.
This classic product can also be a perfect gift for Father’s Day,
Christmas festival, birthdays, valentines day anniversaries and more
Do Update your wardrobe with this lovely piece for a well fitted style.
Our outfit also come befitting to you which offers better definitions without a compromise .
More so Inspired by the ideal idea that everything should be as comfy as a tee and sweatpants, our new textured and thread collections combines truly touchable fabric is a must have.


You are going to be thrilled with amazing men's fashion coming from k-fashion center